Bridal Jewellery Consultation

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In your consultation we will discuss jewellery options,try on sets and discuss custom changes.
If you end up placing your order with us the consultation fee will be refunded.
P.S if you have your bridal dress ready, please bring your shirt along as it helps putting the whole look together. We do have a changing room available.

P.S: Please avoid wearing shirts/tops with collars, high neck, turtle neck etc on the day.


  1. DURATION:This will be a 90 min consultation. If you think you'll need more time please book 2 appointments selecting 2 time slots.
  2. MEN STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED: Please do not bring your fathers, brothers or fiancé to the consultation as this is NOT A SHOP, its a home based showroom. If you do bring them please ask them to wait outside.
  3. NUMBER OF PEOPLE: Please do not bring more than 2 people along with you. (Bride + 2)
  4. FIXED PRICES: Our prices are fixed and we do not offer any discounts unless we have a sale going on so please avoid asking for discounts on the day. 

ADDRESS: postcode: MK42 6DL.

Full address will be emailed to you after you book an appointment.